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“They are like trees by streams of water, bearing fruit in due season …”
Psalm 1:3   

The financial decisions we make in our lives actually provide a witness to what is of greatest importance to us. Planned giving is one of those vital financial decisions and is a measure of our love for our families and our church. Jamestown Presbyterian Church encourages you to make these important choices with respect to your estate.

Scripture teaches us that as stewards of God’s creation we are responsible for using what we have been given to benefit his kingdom. As Christians, we believe that ultimately everything in this world belongs to God, so it is only fitting that we return a portion of our blessings to him. Since we are only trustees of the possessions and wealth in our keeping, we must use them for a faithful purpose…for the good of all.

We know the joy we receive when we give to God through the church, and we have seen the astonishing way he transforms lives by using our tithes and offerings. But planned giving goes beyond contributing generously on a monthly or annual basis. Through Jamestown Presbyterian Church, you can share a vision for the future by taking advantage of planned giving opportunities that honor God, provide an enduring witness to your faith, and benefit your family.

If you have already named Jamestown Presbyterian as a testamentary bequest, please communicate that to the church. It will assist the Resource Management Ministry.  A form for that purpose is available through this link Planned Giving Form, or at the church office.

Once you have provided for your family, please think about leaving a gift, no matter how small, to the work of Jamestown Presbyterian Church. Consider these commendable options to include a planned gift to Jamestown Presbyterian Church in your estate plans:

· Life insurance policies, annuity contracts and retirement plans (pensions, 401K, IRA’s) all pay out future funds in accordance with beneficiary designations.  You can name the church as beneficiary.  Planned gifts to the church are free of income tax.

· Giving of stock, personal property, or real property from your estate.

· Your bequest can start an endowment fund for a needed area in the church such as the Congregational Life Ministry or the Membership Ministry.

· Your bequest can be designated for a one of JPC’s specific funds:

Avery Snead Scholarship Fund
After School Fund
Benevolence Fund
Bus Maintenance Fund
Christian Education Endowment Fund
Congregational Life Fund
Fellowship Dinner Fund
Flowers Fund
Food Pantry Fund
Girls Night Out Fund
Hodgin Fund
Jamestown Celebration Fund
Kairos NC Fund
Leisure Fellowship Fund
Local-Global Missions Endowment Fund
Music Fund
Pilgrimage Scholarship Fund
Pleasants Scholarship Fund
Pre-School Fund
Pre-School Scholarship Fund
Property Maintenance Endowment Fund
Sanctuary Guild Fund
Session Discretion Endowment Fund
Stephen Ministries Fund
Sunset Gap Fund
Worship Endowment Fund
Youth Ministries Fund
Youth Scholarship Fund