The Congregational Life Ministry Team is starting a Prayer List for church members and their families who are going through tough times such as illness, death, injury, job loss, etc. This list will be placed on the JPC Website, in The Grapevine, and in the church bulletin each week. If you would like to place a name on the Prayer List, please call or email the church office. Please give a telephone number or an email address where you may be reached so that the Prayer List may be updated as needed.

Please pray for the following this week:
    • Mary Ragsdale (on the passing of her aunt, Elle Mae Harrington)
    • Jenna Bruscino (Jen McNamara’s sister-in-law)
    • Charlotte Griner (on the passing of her sister, Barbara)
    • Joan Dawson (Wes Smitherman’s sister)
    • Judy Parks (on the passing of John)
    • GeneAnn Underwood (Matt Underwood’s mother)
    • Carroll Miller
    • Rob and Val Oberg (Judy Fitchett)
    • Bill Ellas (Fred and Brenda’s son)
    • Paul and Pat Martin
    • Georgia Giberson
    • Bill and Nancy Carter
    • Rod Bricksin
    • Fran Andreas
    • Charles Stanfield
    • Don Charters
    • Eileen Stroud (Brian’s mother)
    • Doug Wright
    • Karen Robertson
    • Brenda and Fred Ellas
    • Jack Bell
    • Matthew Gibson
    • Stan Schubert
    • Joye Wentz
    • Peggy Purcell
    • Carolyn Pope (Clayton Robinson’s sister)
    • Cari Lazlo
If you have any prayer requests, please contact the church office. Thank you.