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The Congregational Life Ministry Team is starting a Prayer List for church members and their families who are going through tough times such as illness, death, injury, job loss, etc. This list will be placed on the JPC Website, in The Grapevine, and in the church bulletin each week. If you would like to place a name on the Prayer List, please call or email the church office. Please give a telephone number or an email address where you may be reached so that the Prayer List may be updated as needed.

Please keep the following in your prayers:
  • Jeff Newschwander (Dave and Kay Picha’s nephew- diagnosed with glioblastoma)
  • Jack Bell (hospitalized with breathing problems from Covid)
  • Seth Heineman (home recovery from knee surgery)
  • Jackie Rush (Cecil and Pat Little’s son-in-law’s mother- suffered fall and moved to hospice)
  • Jim Danieley (Barbara Bentley’s son-in-law- ICU for breathing problems)
  • Mary Kipka (Barbara Bentley’s sister- dementia)
  • Nelida Frontera (Carlos Frontera’s sister- surgery recovery)
  • Jo Teel (Vashti Forrest’s family friend- diagnosed with liver cancer)
  • Ruth Clark (moved to rehab at Adams Farm)
  • John Lewis (Lou Whitt’s brother- medical issues)
  • Pamela Bean (recovery at home)
  • Carroll Miller (moved to rehab at Camden Place)
  • Victims and Families of mass shootings
  • Chris Steuart (Anne Barts’ nephew- MRSA due to surgery)
  • Melanie Wood (recovery from surgery)
  • Mary Ragsdale (sick at home)
  • GeneAnn Underwood (Matt Underwood’s mother – cancer)
  • Melitta Robinson (negative biopsy, surgery decision needs to be made)
  • Carolyn Aldridge (Betty Johnson’s friend- recovery from surgery)
  • Wyatt (young child, family friend of Louise Monroe’s granddaughter- recovering at home from gunshot accident)
  • Vivien Carson’s granddaughter, Samantha (recovering at home)
  • Jeff Tate (Brenda and Phil’s son- having stomach issues and potential surgery)
  • Mary Hale’s sister Laurie (recovery from knee and leg surgery)
  • Carolyn Smith (Robin Gonsiewski’s sister- surgery for stint in brain)
  • Linda David (Karen Salthouse’s mom moved to assisted living due to Alzheimer’s; and Karen and family as they adjust to this change)
  • Robertson Family (friends of JPC Choir member Ashton Albright- facing many struggles)
  • Mike and Shawn Nolan (Judy Fitchett’s brother-in-law and sister; Mike continues to have problems with swallowing and is having weight loss)
  • Jack and Marilyn Bell’s nephew, Buddy (recovery from surgery)
  • Jenny Rickert (JPC Choral member Alana Rickert’s mother- back surgery recovery)
  • Barbara Auman (problems with legs)
  • Lori Burbank (Mike Bryant’s daughter- breast cancer surgery recovery)
  • The Country of Ukraine
  • Chris Brown (Becky Brown’s son- cancer treatment)
  • Bobby Noah (Joy Snead’s brother- foot and partial leg amputation)
  • Richard Roessler (Loyce Lesley’s son-in-law needs a kidney transplant)
  • Dennis Snead (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia)
  • Jack and Jane Hogan (Jack moved to Blumenthal)
  • Charlie Graham’s sister Michelle (cancer)
  • Carolyn Wissmiller (George’s sister in law- leukemia)
  • Ben Sherrill (Tara Daniel’s father- moved to skilled nursing)
  • Phil Tate (on-going health issues)
  • Betty Robertson (Lisa Yeoman’s mother- hospice care called in)
  • Dave Hannah (Fred Hannah’s father- health concerns)
  • Rod Bricksin (personal prayers)
  • Karen Robertson (personal prayers)
  • Stan Schubert (brain cancer)
  • Carolyn Pope (Clayton Robinson’s sister- cancer)
If you have any prayer requests, please contact the church office. Thank you.